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  1. Take Notes Linked to Audio
  2. Take Notes And Record Audio On A Mac
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This is going to change the game for me.

Take Notes Linked to Audio

Noise reduction and EQ Remove unwanted background noise, and enhance your recording for clearer playback. Apple Pencil Support Take sketches and drawing to the next level — simply tap and start scribbling.

Apple Watch Apple Watch Record audio anywhere right from your wrist. Now on Mac! Price Plans.

Take Notes And Record Audio On A Mac

Noted Basic Free Keep it simple with all the core features including full editing, indexing and exporting. Highly Highly recommended!!! Oct 24, cemilegurcag.

The 10 Best Note-Taking Apps in 2019

Surprising new tool. The result is a linked index of your recording that quickly provides invaluable audio context for your notes. With the instant access and added clarity of AudioNote, you will take more effective notes, save time and ultimately achieve better results. Download AudioNote today. I started using this product from the first version, which is about 7 years.

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As a school administrator, this app has been a life-saver when conducting classroom observations. Features such as a the time-stamp; ability to post pictures; recording; diagramming, etc. The app allows teachers to focus on their work with mastering their craft as well as allows me to make the observations be authentic in nature.

AudioNote – edshelf

The transference of information across platforms makes it easy to access to a note at anytime. As a songwriter and author of musicals, I use this app almost every day to capture ideas on my iOS devices which show up immediately on my desktop Mac and laptop for more involved editing and transfer to a DAW for further development. Thank you, Adam for keeping this app current.

I use it frequently as an attorney who needs to listen to recordings and have a cheat sheet of getting to the important moments.