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Re: Not able to learn MAC of RETH interface

Viewed times. Richard Comish. Richard Comish Richard Comish 13 5 5 bronze badges. Forgive me if this seems dumb, as I don't do networking on a daily basis, but why does the router or the Call Manager Express need to communicate with the Juniper switch to begin with? The switches should be moving traffic, not consuming traffic.

Incomplet mac address?

The Cisco would have an ARP entry for the Juniper if the Cisco was sending data to the Juniper for the Juniper's consumption, but that shouldn't be the case. The Juniper switch is also acting a simple router between the VLANs and forwarding external traffic through a broadband bonding appliance for external connectivity the site is in the middle of nowhere, and the best connection we can get is 5Mbps so in this case, the switch is the default gateway for the CME which although on a Cisco series, is not actually acting as a router.

I'll amend the question to state that also none of the other devices on VLAN 4 can communicate with the CME even though they can communicate with each other. Can you post a little more o f the configuration form the Juniper side? I need some of the higher stanzas here. Actually if you can pastebin the entire Juniper config sans passwords i can definitely tell you whats up. If something is wrong with the Cisco side you can just plugin a laptop with a proper IP config and see if you can ping the router. Certainly - I'll drop it in Pastebin tomorrow when I'm back at site.

EDIT: Replaced with relevant answer: I'm fairly sure this stanza from the full config is your culprit. SpacemanSpiff SpacemanSpiff 8, 20 20 silver badges 34 34 bronze badges.

Solved: SH IP ARP Incomplete - Cisco Community

Ah - sorry, that's me being stupid. I was testing it with a laptop plugged in.

proper usage of arp cmd on old 1602R Cisco router

I'll change it to the new running config with it back on 4. Ahh okay so it's still not working. I'm fairly certain its the VOIP section of your config that is mucking you up here. I'd try setting the port as a trunk, and then setting the voice VLAN as the native vlan and see if that fixes you up with minimal config change. An excellent suggestion - thankyou.


Having set the port to be a trunk port with native ID 4 and told the call manager that it was on VLAN 4 as well, traffic has started flowing. Example illustrates sample output from the show arp command used to display the contents of the ARP table. Based on the show arp command output, investigate whether the ARP table information is correct. In this example, you see three entries. The To verify whether the other listings are correct, you might need to access the end device and verify the locally configured MAC address.

This differs from the ARP table of the local router. A protocol analyzer such as Ethereal is necessary to decode frames on Ethernet to investigate why the router has an incorrect entry.

Example shows an example of troubleshooting ARP entries with the debug arp command. Generally, in large networks, debugs such as debug arp are intrusive and should not be used in production environments. From the debug output, it is apparent that two devices are replying to the ARP request sent by the router: the test host and a rogue or misconfigured device. Because the rogue entry arrived second, the ARP table was incorrect. Another example of invalid ARP entries is with Frame Relay point-to-point or other types of point-to-point interfaces.

According to the routing table, If the router learns a more specific route, such as This is a common issue; you should rule it out early in troubleshooting. Reproduced from the book Cisco Express Forwarding. Copyright , Cisco Systems, Inc.

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