Dual screen mac mini 2011

System requirements and compatible Mac models
  1. Some iMacs can pull double duty as a monitor for other Macs
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  3. Monitor - Connecting to a Mac
  4. Monitor - Connecting to a Mac | LG USA Support

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How to use dual monitors on a Mac Mini

Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. Long answer : It works only with Mac mini with Thunderbolt and later , and you must modify system files with a script. The iMac has a thunderbolt port. Firstly, is it actually possible to use the iMac with this laptop? Many thanks.

Some iMacs can pull double duty as a monitor for other Macs

To do that, you must have Thunderbolt on the two side. If yes wit lh what kind of cable? Thanks a lot. Do I need a Thunderbolt-toThunderbolt cable, instead? Or do I have to find a Firewire solution? One end is a MDP. The Imac port is physically bigger.. Hi Pierre, I have aa imac as well as a macbook pro and am just trying to connect and use the imac as a mirror screen from the macbook. I have tried to connect with a thunderbolt but it does not seem to work.

Is there a difference if I use a Microport display cable instead of the thunderbolt? A Mini DisplayPort cable is just a cable.

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Actually, witn a 27 inches iMac not the 21 inch and a Mini DP cable, it will work. I plan on buying some monitors to connect to my MacBook Pro. I have a few questions regarding my connection options. And then connect the first monitor to the second monitor using a cable with DisplayPort connectors on both ends? And what cables or adapters would I need to buy to make the connection work? Assuming I have 2 extra monitors, would it be best to connect them using the HDMI ports on the monitors? Is it possible to use the mini Displayport of a macbook pro to serve as a fast usb3 connection to a usb3 hard drive?

If so, is such an adaptor available male miniDisplayPort to usb3? Otherwise the laptop only has much slower usb2 ports.

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  • I have a I want to use it as a monitor for my MBP mid which has a thunder bolt connection. Do they make an adapter? It will work. Hi Pierre Would appreciate your help..

    From what I am reading, am I correct in thinking that the only cable that will work is mini dp to mini dp? Is there a problem with my target display being a different size than the primary? Thank you. I had mid iMac Is my iMac capable of pushing 4k resolution to my 4k LG monitor? Nice to know and thanks for the prompt reply. Thanks again! Thanks again. The connecting cable supplied is a mini-displayport to displayport.

    But the indications are to connect the mini end to the monitor and the displayport end to the mac my mac has the thunderbolt 2 ports which correspond to the mini, but not the displayport.

    Monitor - Connecting to a Mac

    I am confused at this point. Thanks for the article. It comes with thunderbolts and USB 3 cables but my understanding is that they may not wok or it will be slow on my model which has USB2 and a mini displayport rather than thunderbolt. Which cable do I need to go from USB to mini please? Any info you have is appreciated, thanks. Actually, the iMac has Thunderbolt. Apple sell a Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter.

    Monitor - Connecting to a Mac | LG USA Support

    Go or no-go? Many thanks in advance. I use Easy worship software. I am trying to broadcast the same signal. I need to feed thew same signal both live streaming and on the Screens in the Auditorium, kindly assist. Site web ou blog. Specifically, a Mini DisplayPort adapter runs on a Thunderbolt plug. However, there are some differences. Of course, all Thunderbolt machines carry the sound on Mini DisplayPort. Concerning the screens : The inch Thunderbolt screen only works on a Thunderbolt Mac.

    Last but not least, the Target Display mode. I hope everything is clear, if not you may ask your questions in the comments. Partager l'information avec vos amis. I have a question. Thanks and Advance. Pierre Dandumont dit :. You can use 3 external monitor with Retina 15 inch, i have tested that. For the sound, you can choice the output on the Preferences Panel. Callum dit :.