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How to Make a Genius Bar Appointment from Your Web Browser
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  3. Anybody see any shipping movement on New Powerbeats?
  4. Always candid. Always truthful. Sometimes funny.
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The beginning of almost any relationship focuses on the initial attraction. This in store phone-mance was no different. For four days I tried. I read the manual, and I looked at You Tube instructional videos, but this was not going to work.

Apple Retail Store - Century City

I had to tell him. He was surprised, disappointed, and seemed to take it personally. He was Smartphone; I was after all, so iPhone.

I had to find another. I had to have my needs met. Trenell and I were a perfect match. He was soft-spoken and patient and sold me my white i Phone. He went over the instructions with me as if it were the first time he was doing this, and told me to come back any time. One night I went back just to ask about I Tunes, another night it was email.

Trenell is smart. Our relationship was brief, but we bonded and I knew I could go back anytime I needed him. And then a fated moment changed everything. I suffered liquid damage. Plain and simple, the phone was in my purse, a bottle of water spilled and it was dead. Someone suggested burying it in a bag of rice. Desperate to recover power I went to the grocery store at pm on Friday night and made this purchase, but to no avail, there was no power the next morning. Early Saturday before the store fills with other customers hoping to rectify their own technological issues, Trenell greeted me from behind the counter.

An out of contract type of replacement was prohibitive.

Apple Store Appointment Locations & Hours Near Pasadena, CA -

He gladly looked up the number of the Apple Aventura store so that I could make an appointment with a genius. I had half an hour to get there. Trenell wished me luck and I left. My middle daughter attends Duke University in North Carolina.

The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

She was that child that always got hundreds on grade school tests, and went on to have a GPA well over 4. I have always thought of her as a genius, but now I was on my way to meet a dyed in the wool, certifiable genius. I felt like Dorothy on her way to meet the Wizard. Would he she be able to help me? I was a bit unnerved. As the Wizard had a doorman, Ryan was the gatekeeper of the genius bar. I was about five minutes late for my meeting so Ryan brought a stool over to make the wait more comfortable and we talked Apple until about when he introduced me to Josh.

My genius diagnostician pronounced the phone dead. The indicators of this relationship were also red. My history showed that my phone was a new purchase. Kevin was standing next to me.

Apple Store Appointment in Santa Monica, CA

He too had been listening. While the geniuses were conversing Kevin began to tell me all about the iPad. After awhile I reached in to my purse to give Kevin my card so that he could visit Raw Candor. We tried to register the phone at Apple but my own carrier has security measures in place which prevent this from happening.

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Just outside of Apple was a kiosk for my carrier. My able salesperson was Brian.

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  • Apple Store Appointment Locations & Hours Near Santa Monica, CA -
  • He was polite and willing to help as I began to explain my situation, but it was impossible to hear him. A shop directly across from the kiosk selling clothes for young women that like to wear really bright colors and very little fabric was blaring music which made it impossible to hold a conversation. I asked Brian how he tolerated this. Two minutes later Brian and I were able to talk without yelling at one another. He explained to me that I would have to pay an activation fee. Having just paid this fee when I got the phone I asked if it were possible to waive that expense.

    He gave me his card, and told me that if I ever needed him he would be happy to travel to the store where I originally bought the phone. Prior to my visit to Apple Aventura there was only one thing written on this piece of paper. Ted Conference. Not so great customers and work environment. The job itself is not very stressful or boring.

    It's alway challenging and very engaging. The downside is the customers you have to deal with and the stressful work environment in which you have to work. It's like working on a trading floor with a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any second. Co-workers make the day very fun but when things get stressful it can go from bad to horrible.

    Older employees tend to hate the work hours more than younger employees. With that being said the job itself is very engaging and it never gets old and it's always challenging. The people that work there for the most part are very down to earth people and you would most likely befriend some of the employees. A wonderful place to gain experience in dealing with people. A typical day at work as a Genius meant you had a lot of tasks ahead of you. There were several computers that were ready for repair, several that needed troubleshooting, some that needed to be tested, and hundreds of appointments at the Genius Bar.

    Anybody see any shipping movement on New Powerbeats?

    The hardest part of the job was keeping cool and collect at the Genius Bar while crying, and yes, literally crying, customers would bring their computers in that had failing or failed hard drives that usually resulted in data loss. I'm proud to say that I have helped several customers retrieve data that they had, or believed that they had, lost. The best part was getting to help those people, and the managers giving you the leeway that you needed to be able to help them.

    Fast paced, Your tired all the time. Great benefits. Fun place to work, Schedule is brutal. Apple is a great company to work for from the retails perspective. However, if you're not accustomed to working a retail schedule where your shifts change every week, it can be brutal on your personal and family life.

    Incredible place to grow and develop. Apple is an incredible place to develop. As a perpetually growing company, you are constantly challenged and pushed to be your best. There is no typical day at Apple. Frequently dealing with ambiguity, you quickly develop skills that empower you to deal with any situation and prepare you for success. High Paced and Rewarding. A typical day as a Genius is consistently busy.

    Always candid. Always truthful. Sometimes funny.

    From the time you clock in until you leave you are responsible for assisting customers and repairing not only computers, but customer's relationship with apple. I cannot summarize what I learned at Apple because I would never have enough time to sort it all out. However, the most important things I have learned include how to troubleshoot and repair Apple products, what those products can do and most importantly how to make myself an important component of any team I am a member of. Management and co-workers were the most special part of working for Apple.

    The hardest part was dealing with frustrating customers but the most enjoyable part of the job was turning those frustrated customers into happy customers before they left the store. Busy, fast paced environment. My day starts off clocking in, checking my schedule for the day to see where in the store I will be.

    2. Genius bar appointment via the web site

    Usually, my day is spent assisting customers on the floor with technical issues. Since I am a Genius I work on all devices-mobile and mac hardware.

    Every appointment is a different situation and with the way technology changes an educational opportunity always arises. The management in my store is usually hands off unless needed for a customer service escalation.